Create games fast

Getting started with game development should be easy and fun.
Create your first game with MiniGameEngine in 5 minutes.
minigameengine video preview

Creating a demo game in 3 minutes

No download

MiniGameEngine runs completely in your brower. You can dive in immediately.

No setup

MiniGameEngine comes with everything you need to get started craeting games. No complicated project setup, no searching for game assets. No boilerplate. Click 'new project' and immidiately start working on your game.

Easy scripting

MiniGameEngine uses a modified version of coffeescript for scripting. All the complicated syntax and characters are stripped away so you can actually understand source code. Most complexity is handled by the engine to make it easy for you.
Here is a small example of a spaceship that moves forward with a speed of 3 when the up arrow is pressed:
if keypressed 'up'
spaceship.forward 3

Asset repository

MiniGameEngine comes with many ready to go game assets like sprites and sounds. Perfect for directly getting started.
Select an asset from the asset explorer and it's immidiately available in your game.

Visual scene

Arrange your game and your scene in a visual environment. No need to position objects by code.
Everything appears exactly where you want it to be.

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